We Can Offer All Products Tax Free.

Located On A First Nation Reserve In Alderville, Ontario.
Also visit our Cobourg, Ontario showroom.

Located On A First Nation Reserve In Alderville, Ontario. We Can Offer All Products Tax Free.
Also visit our Cobourg, Ontario showroom.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Building a new home, or refreshing your existing home? Breathe new life into your home exterior with top quality Garaga Door Systems and LiftMaster Door Openers.


Located in Northwest Ohio, we hire quality people driven to produce quality garage doors. We carefully craft locally sourced materials to create products to use in homes and businesses throughout North America and the world.
Garaga Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional style implies it is timeless and classic, one whose simplicity remains admired for years. For garage doors, this is represented in conservative designs that blend in well with surrounding residential architectures. When selecting designs or colours, keep in mind that your garage door should harmonize with the overall look of your home as it could represent almost 40% of its facade.
Garaga Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary Garage Doors

The architectural style of your home is important to you, and if you have chosen a modern or contemporary style for it, your garage door, often representing nearly 40% of the facade, should blend perfectly and harmoniously with it. Whatever your budget, Garaga provides garage doors in multiple configurations and colours so you can find to one that suits you best.
Garaga Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage Doors

The owners of a charming country style house are looking for a garage door that suits it perfectly. The garage door can look like a barn door, replicate a stylish carriage house or resemble a more rustic wood version – there are numerous combinations available.​ Choose from among our great many attractive colours, select your custom size for the door, and even add windows and decorative hardware to obtain just the appearance you want.