The North Star manufactures the comfortable and energy efficient windows. The wide range of stylist and versatile windows manufactured by the North Star bring style and comfort to your house and office. We are glad to bring the whole range of North Star windows together for you. Here, we share the key benefits of the North Star Windows.

  • Reduce heat and cold transfer with our Super Spacer technology
  • Durable pull tabs take the struggle out of removing window screens
  • self-closing locks give you peace of mind knowing your home is secure
  • Safe and simple cleaning of your windows from inside your home
  • The sun’s natural heating and cooling abilities reduce your energy bills
  • Keep the outdoor noise out and the indoor sounds in

Lower your energy bills

North Star’s high-performance windows and doors are designed to hold in those comfortable inside temperatures your family enjoys, keeping out the cold, wet and summer’s heat. And while you are enjoying your home, your new North Star windows and doors will help you to save money. To increase the efficiency of our windows and doors, North Star uses energy-saving Low-E glass that features a near-invisible coating that reduces the amount of heat lost while letting in maximum light.

Easy pull tab screens

Durable pull tabs take the struggle out of removing window screens. These unique pull tabs allow for simply removal of your screens and come in a variety of colors to match your windows perfectly.

Self closing lock

North Star’s self-closing locks give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure. When you close your window, our innovative locking system automatically locks the moment the window shuts. Now when you’re sleeping or have left the house, you can have peace of mind as your home is secure with North Star.

Easy to clean

North Star’s easy to use sliding windows allow for safe and simple cleaning of your windows right from inside your home. Instead of using a ladder and other awkward cleaning contraptions to clean your windows, our Horizontal and Vertical sliding window sashes easily swing open and provide you easy access to both sides of the glass from inside your home.

Go green

Use the sun’s natural heating and cooling abilities to go green and help your energy bills. North Star offers several unique glass coating types which help to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. These special coatings reflect heat back to its source, whether the sun or your furnace. And they are near-invisible—letting in maximum light while saving the most energy.

Peace and quiet

Whether you live on a quiet street or near a busy intersection, sometimes you want to keep the outdoors out and the indoors in. Our easy to close windows can help to block out unwanted noises—your neighbour’s boisterous backyard barbeque, too early in the morning construction or barking dogs. Whatever the disturbance, North Star’s well-crafted and streamlined windows can help to block it out. This is due to our Super Spacer® technology built-in to all of our windows and our fusion welding process, which adds strength and ensures a perfect seal.